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Kingsnight & Kingsday 2014 - The Netherlands, The Hague & Amsterdam

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on youtube (Kingsday) : When ?

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For next years the event will be on the 27th of April : http://www.koningsdag27april.info/

My first Kingsday in Amsterdam. 26 April 2014. - written by : Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler, #godogood

My first Kingsnight in Den Haag (The Hague) 25 April 2014.

As it is the first year in the Netherlands we celebrate the Kingsday and the night befor this day on the 25th April 2014 we celebrated the first Kings-night, ... it is a moment to be aware of this special event and the historical issue,.. after years of having a Queen in the Netherlands and a parlement that is Democratically chosen.

The European Union combats and struggles with many issues,..
As we don't know how to solve small problems a bigger chaos start to reveil in the East and West.

Here in the Netherlands we love to celebrate and have fun on our yearly holidays.
The early Queensdays are no more,.. but maybe in the future when one of the princesses will be a Queen we might get our Queensday back?

For now we only need to enjoy and have fun and make it a party we can celebrate yearly.

This year i went to Den Haag, also known as : The Hague.
and on Kingsday i will go to Amsterdam.
Here is some music to get in the mood and keep the spirit high.

More in Dutch:
NEWS from Belgium about The Netherlands on VTM ( Koningsdag )
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