vrijdag 14 februari 2014

A documentairy about Tanzania.

As i get closer to my facebook friends, it seems to be the first thing to talk about when you are on a distance and not know eachother personally.

I always wished to see the world.
Travelling is one of the greatest things in life.

Tanzania is a country where my facebook-friend William lives.
He invited me to visit the country and his project, but i need a budget to travel and to make a great documentairy,

I love to listen to online podcasts about the country.
Therefor i go to:

And if i can spend some more time on my investigations about Tanzania, i lije to search online for more information, video's and pictures about this beautifull country.

If you have been to this country and can advice me some links or send me some pictures or text, please do.
Send information about TANZANIA to :


Thanks alot.

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